our story

D-Xprettii is part of Diyome, a lifestyle dedicated to providing high quality, safe and comfortable home products for families globally.

When our founder, Omeara Dalio got married, she, like all wives and mothers, wanted to give only the best to her family. Although Omeara was constantly busy with endless daily household chores, but her home was always messy, as a result, she sacrificed quality family time and realized that this was not the ideal life for her. The basis for high quality living is having a clean and neat environment. While tidying up her home, she found many items that held special memorial values; her child’s painting, dresses worn for special occasion, accessories from her engagement etc. She was reluctant to give up these items, although they are now redundant.

Unwilling to remain status quo, Omeara, who is a DIY enthusiast who upholds the principle of simplicity, environmentally and user friendly, designed a series of household products for storage and classification, she hopes that all household items could be organized in a clear and orderly manner just like a library.

Omeara scours for fabric supplies globally, so as to produce odorless, recyclable yet durable fabrics, using traditional handmade method, every product is made with intricate details filled with love.

Since the establishment of Diyome, Omeara enjoys work life balance. Many like minded individuals had joined the Diyome team with the aim to simplify daily chores, creating a neat and minimalist home.  

Spend more time with your family, not on complicated household chores, leave them to Diyome (D-Xprettii)


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